Other Marine Services


Experts for Pitt Lake, Pitt and Fraser Rivers

Forrest Marine Ltd. owners Ray and Mike having grown up on the river know the areas like the back of their hands. Their intimate knowledge of the tides and landscapes can be useful to anyone wanting to explore the area from the film industry, marine site access and supply to eco-tourism. Forrest Marine Ltd. can supply the on-the-water services to meet your requirements.


Forrest Marine Ltd. have facilities to provide sight-seeing excursions to Pitt Lake and the local Rivers as well as providing transportation via herring skiff to such areas as the head of Pitt Lake for groups with quads and /or bikes.

Marine Rescue and Marine Emergency Response

Forrest Marine Ltd. located at the mouth of the Pitt River has fast accessibility to assist in marine rescue and other marine emergency response requirements 24/7.

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